Birthday (2009) (full size)
school work

[ Painter, openCanvas, Photoshop ]

This was an interesting one... the project was to make an illustration based on the lyrics to the song "Birthday" by The Sugarcubes. Now, I didn't have to choose this particular project, but I was looking forward to see just how far I can push before things become... wrong.

Here's a background of the song by the singer:
"It's a story about a love affair between a five year old girl, a secret and a man who lives next door. The song's called Birthday because it's his fiftieth birthday, but not many people can figure that out of the lyrics 'cos it's more about the atmosphere around it and how they touch. It's a tasteless pop song - not even that. A pop song - very unusual.

I was always changing my mind about what the lyrics should be about. I had the atmosphere right from the start but not the facts. It finally ended up concentrating on this experience I remembered having as a little girl, among many other little girls' experirnces. It's like huge men, about fifty or so, affect little girls very erotically but nothing happens... nothing is done, just this very strong feeling. I picked on this subject to show that anything can affect you erotically; material, a tree, anything." -- Björk, about Birthday

I wasn't the only one who decided to tackle this project, but I definitely was the only one in my class to go the creepy, Lolita route...

Please don't read too much into it; the only intentional symbolism I incorporated was the spider imagery that corresponds to the little girl being the "predator". As in it's all in her mind.

final version

1st concept: deemed too disturbing

2nd concept: getting there

3rd concept: green-lighted to go