Scarycute Panda (2008)
school work

This was an in-class exercise on the gouache "lift-out" method. Very fun with interesting results. Here's the process for this particular piece.

1. Lay a thick layer of gesso on a sturdy board/panel (beware of curling!) with consideration for the texture.

(Disclaimer: now here it gets a bit fuzzy--I don't quite remember what I did. Anyway, there's so many different ways to go about this so experiment at will.)

2. When the gesso is dry, we now need to tint the board. I believe I did this by mixing color straight from the tube (ultramarine blue and alizarin crimson, I think) with black--separately!--and painting in from different sides. Go quick especially where the two colors meet. And try not to be stingy with the paint, like I did, or you'll end up with cracks.

3. When dry, use a light colored something (I used a bright yellow prismacolor pencil) to draw in the outline shapes of your image. I used a baby panda reference from National Geographic.

4. Using clean brushes, cotton ear swabs, sponges, etc, lift out the non-dark portions of your images with water.

5. If needed, go back in with paint for details. I did so for the white highlights.


final result

up close detail of the texture